Netflix is now also streaming video games.

Netflix has begun the first public testing of its cloud-streamed games. 

Beginning Monday, some Netflix users in Canada and the United Kingdom will be able to watch Netflix games on select TVs, connected TV devices, and online via

Netflix VP of gaming Mike Verdu described this as a "limited beta test" to a "small number of members" in a blog post, so not all subscribers in Canada and the UK will have it right once. 

Even if the initial launch is minor, it might be a watershed moment for Netflix's gaming ambitions.

In November 2021, the company introduced its mobile gaming offers as a free incentive for members. 

The company's titles have so far only been accessible on iOS and Android. 

By bringing games to TVs and web browsers via cloud streaming, users will be able to play Netflix titles in a lot more places, and Netflix may begin to compete for gaming time on TVs and PCs.

When playing on TV, you'll use your smartphone to control the games.

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