Musk claims that Twitter's logo will be changed to X.


– Elon Musk announces Twitter's upcoming brand change, revealing that the blue bird logo will be replaced by an "X" logo.

– Musk sets a challenge for users to submit a suitable X logo; if found, it will be implemented worldwide the next day.

– In Musk's tweets, he hints at bidding farewell to the Twitter brand and potentially removing all bird-related references.

– A user poll is launched by Musk, seeking opinions on changing Twitter's default platform color to black.

– Twitter's legal filing earlier in the year revealed a new company name, X Corp., incorporated in Nevada.

– Speculation arises that Musk's vision involves using Twitter to create an all-encompassing app, referred to as "X, the everything app."

– Musk's history with the letter "X" includes his former company, later becoming PayPal, and one of his children being named "X."

– Online chatter speculates that the brand change may be part of a larger strategy aligned with Musk's vision.

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