Mountaineers Who Passed Dying Sherpa 'Below Humanity'


According to sources, a family friend of a porter who died on Pakistan's K2 mountain termed those who passed past the dying guy "below humanity."

Several mountain lions have been discovered ranging wild in Hillsborough, California, with some even munching on dead deer outside homes.

A video circulated last week showing numerous climbers walking over Pakistani porter Mohammad Hassan, 27, on July 27, 2023, prompting condemnation of the climbers.

Record-breaking Kristin Harila and her crew from Norway have received particularly harsh criticism online. Newsweek reached out to Harila via Instagram for comment.

Harila took to Instagram on August 10 to justify her conduct, claiming that she and others of her crew tried to rescue Hassan before deciding to leave, 

assuming he would receive medical attention.

Basharat Hussein described the incident to British news channel Sky News as the most "dehumanizing event of [his] life."

"The climbers who scaled K2 this year, I understand their behaviors were below humanity, and it was beyond saddening," he remarked.

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