Missing Crypto Influencer Millionaire's Dismembered Remains Found in Suitcase (UPDATE)

– Crypto millionaire Fernando Pérez Algaba received violent threats via messages, including promises to dismember him.

– The threats came from two men identified as Iglesias and Adrian Tesei, who accused Algaba of betrayal and money issues.

– Iglesias threatened to gouge out Algaba's eyes and cut off his hands, swearing on his children that he had no problem going to jail.

– In another voicemail, Iglesias accused Algaba of betraying him and claimed to have hatred and poison towards him.

– Adrian Tesei demanded money that was supposedly not delivered and threatened to rip off Algaba's head.

– The threats were sent to Algaba before he disappeared and was later found dismembered inside a suitcase in Argentina.

– Argentinian outlet Télam reported on the threatening messages and the gruesome fate suffered by the crypto millionaire.

– The case remains a subject of investigation and has caused shock and concern within the crypto community.


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