Min Hee Jin discusses her work with BTS's V for the latter's upcoming solo album.

ADOR CEO recently told up about his experience working with BTS member V, better known as Kim Taehyung.

Min Hee Jin, well known for producing the K-pop duo NewJeans, has verified the news of his partnership and also given details about V's impending solo album.

"I hesitated at first to collaborate with V after receiving an offer last year," Min Hee Jin stated in an interview, "but I was impressed by V's attitude and passion, as well as his voice tone."

"The music prepared by us for the upcoming album reflects V's preferences while also being the music that I want to recommend," he continued.

"We were terribly busy," Min Hee Jin added, "but I think an interesting production emerged."

According to the Hindustan Times, when asked about his album, V stated, "I am nervous but happy," adding that it captures his likes.

V also stated that the public will experience a fresh version of V as a solo artist who is distinct from BTS's V.

In a statement, the BTS agency stated that there is no confirmation of V's timetable. 


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