Miley Cyrus Recreates Iconic VMAs Look To Tease New Song: Photos

Miley Cyrus posters are appearing around the US ahead of her new song, "Used To Be Young."

Miley Cyrus is preparing a song about her wild days. Miley, 30, teased the song by reliving one of her wildest evenings. 

Before the release of "Used To Be Young," posters of Miley appear to be re-creating her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards look. 

Miley's ten-year-old latex bikini twerk on Robin Thicke was famed.

Miley's new posters tease "I Used To Be Young" with lyrics from "Party In The USA" and "Wrecking Ball." 

In contrast to her 2013 VMAs space buns, the former Hannah Montana actress wears her hair down in the posters. 

Another Miley poster contains lyrics from her new hit song "Flowers" and her future single, which she is anticipated to announce soon.

It was an infamous moment in Miley’s career when she wore a latex bikini while she twerked on Robin Thicke on stage ten years ago. 

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