Michael Bay worked on Indiana Jones and believed it would "suck".


Michael Bay, known for directing Transformers, worked on Indiana Jones' Raiders of the Lost Ark as a storyboard artist. 

He was just 27 and had a string of famous commercials before getting a chance to meet Spielberg. 

Bay sent his work reel to Hollywood and was surprised when he got a call from Steven Spielberg himself. 

Bay visited Spielberg's office and revealed that he had worked at Lucasfilm at age 15, filing storyboards for Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

He admitted to Spielberg that, back then, he honestly believed the movie was going to "suck." 

Despite his initial doubts, Bay worked on one of the greatest adventure films of all time. 

Years later, as a successful director, he shared this story with Entertainment Weekly. 

Bay's work as a storyboard artist contributed to the development of the iconic Indiana Jones film. 

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