Megyn Kelly Loses It After Transgender Athlete Wins Women’s Professional Golf Tournament

Political and cultural journalist Megyn Kelly slammed media and sports for praising 32-year-old Breanna Gill, who won the Australian Women's Classic professional golf competition.

As debate rages over biological men' physical advantages, several major media sources ignored Gill's transsexual status.

“This is a biological man,” Kelly said simply. “A fact not even mentioned in much of the major press coverage celebrating ‘her’ win over the actual women in this tournament.

“It’s a fraud, it’s immoral, and it HAS TO STOP,” Kelly said. Kelly noticed that WPGA Australia's report didn't disclose Gill's transgender identity.

After winning, Gill remarked, “I always thought in my head if I ever got the opportunity to actually win a golf tournament and the girls happen to come running out on the green, I was going to stand there and take it. I wouldn't run.”

If you're there, take it. Gill said it was special. “Who’s surprised a male is being recognized as the ‘winner’ in the women’s category,” tweeted former NCAA swim star Riley Gaines.

“Gill’s victory opened up the transgender debate in golf, with a viral tweet from the Women’s PGA Tour of Australasia showing Gill with the trophy being viewed over seven million times before being deleted,” the newspaper said. “Almost 3,000 quote tweets despite the comments being off.”

In 2021, Scottish golfer Hailey Davidson became the first transgender athlete to win a US mini tour. “World’s 1st openly transgender person to win a professional golf tournament” is Davidson.


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