Meghan Markle's stress patch—real? Experts say


Meghan Markle's latest popular item is a patch, not a pocketbook or a pair of shoes.

The Duchess of Sussex was photographed sporting a blue sticker on the inside of her wrist, which raised several eyebrows. 

The BioSignal Processing Discs discs from NuCalm claim to deliver "the resonance and frequencies to ensure a fast-acting,

deep, and long-lasting NuCalm experience." However, whether they genuinely work to keep you calm is currently debatable.

Yahoo Life contacted NuCalm for further information on their discs.

"NuCalm is the world's first and only patented technology that has been clinically proven to balance the human autonomic nervous system without the use of drugs,"

explains Jim Poole, NuCalm's President and CEO. 

"For more than 33 years, our neuroscience company has pioneered advanced neuroscience solutions that solve real-world human problems like stress."

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