Meghan Markle should reconsider her 'innovative strategies': 'She's depleted the goodwill.'

Royal insiders believe Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting a'second opportunity' to repair their brands.

In the midst of the couple's difficulties, producer and entertainment coach Paul Duddridge chimed in on the necessity to "grab this opportunity by the horns."

According to the Daily Record, he spoke openly about the entire situation.

During his conversation, the expert mentioned how "Harry and Meghan may yet turn out to be beneficiaries of the [writers guild] strike."

After all, "it will give them a much-needed chance to review their creative strategies while using the industry shutdown as a cover."

Mr Duddridge also claimed in the course of his conversation that the strike "gives them 

an opportunity to regroup and retool their operations" with the goal of "flipping the narrative."

Mr. Duddridge believes "they have seemingly worn out the goodwill of the Royal Family and have not set the world alight with their creative output in the US."


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