Meet the man behind the next conference realignment.


Dr. Robert Robbins, former cardiac surgeon turned University of Arizona president, holds significant influence in college athletics.

Recent conference realignments have left the Pac-12 with only nine schools, as Colorado moves to the Big 12 and USC/UCLA to the Big Ten.

Colorado's departure might not heavily impact the Pac-12, given their average sports performance.

Pac-12 could easily replace Colorado and expand to twelve members by inviting schools like San Diego State, SMU, UNLV, Boise State, Fresno State, and Colorado State.

Football coach Deion Sanders has brought attention to Colorado, but there's still much improvement needed.

San Diego State desires to join the Pac-12 but remains stuck in the Mountain West due to a substantial buyout.

Adding new schools would shape the future of college sports, potentially revitalizing Pac-12 athletics.

Dr. Robbins' decisions for Wildcat athletics will play a significant role in the college sports landscape.

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