Masked Singer's Season 10 Premiere Date at Fox Has Been Revised

The Masked Singer, a Fox reality series in serious need of a euthanasia needle, will return sooner than expected.

Season 10 will begin immediately following the broadcast of the NFL doubleheader on Sunday, September 10.

The Nick Cannon-hosted sitcom will then take a two-week hiatus before returning on the already stated Wednesday, September 27 premiere date.

Masked Singer's premiere episode will reportedly feature "one of the biggest, can't-miss unmaskings in the show's history,"

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As previously reported, Fox is hedging its bets on the WGA 

AMPTP reaching a strike resolution anytime soon, opting for a fall slate that is entirely comprised of reality television and animated fare.

On September 10, immediately following its coverage of a doubleheader in the NFL, the network will begin airing the 10th season of its flagship show. 

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