Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Line in the Sand' on Trump Indictment


On Tuesday, after the Department of Justice (DOJ) handed out its second charge against former President Donald Trump, 

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia stepped out in favor of Trump. Greene said that Trump should be exonerated.

In the investigation of the assault on the United States Capitol that took place on January 6, 2021, the former president is being investigated on four separate criminal charges. 

 On the day of the assault, the prosecutors claim that the former president and his associates made several attempts to thwart the certification of the votes cast in the Electoral College. 

These attempts included both successful pressure operations and a botched effort to use phony electors. 

 On Tuesday, the former president lashed out at Special Counsel Jack Smith, accusing him of "putting out yet another Fake Indictment" against him.

He also claimed that the Justice Department was seeking to interfere with his campaign for reelection in 2024.

Greene, who is one of Trump's closest allies in Congress, issued a statement on Tuesday night in which he echoed the sentiments of the former president and claimed .

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