Maril Davis Explains Season 7 Mid-Season Finale and Teases a Controversial Moment Next Year

Maril Davis, the executive producer of Outlander, discusses the upcoming seventh season. 

Audiences have a hard time getting enough of the love, anguish

battle, heartache, drama, tragedy, and time travel that Outlander provides at this point in the series' seven-year run. 

The episode that marked the halfway point of Outlander's second season ended with Jamie

How are Jamie and Claire doing? What? Is this an episode of Outlander? That's correct. 

SheKnows for an exclusive interview to discuss the exciting mid-season finale

 Uh oh. Prepare to take action. You can hear the whole conversation if you watch the video.

rather than Jamie, that will be shown to viewers in the second half of season 7. 

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