Luke Grimes Speaks with Apple Music Country's Southern Accents Radio About Songwriting

Luke Grimes, a country artist and Yellowstone star, spoke with Apple Music Country and collaborator Dave Cobb about his complex relationship with music, songwriting, and his upbringing.

Grimes was raised on gospel music in Dayton, Ohio, by his pastor father. Apple Music Country's Southern Accents Radio interviewed him about his childhood.

“When we would go hunting once a year, my dad sort of had this kind of playlist of old outlaw country stuff that he would play,” Grimes told Southern Accents Radio presenter Cobb. 

Grimes claims his favorite songs on the playlist are Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind" and Waylon Jennings' "Lukenbach, Texas."

In order to write songs like those from his childhood, Grimes took a break from acting. No Horse To Ride was Grimes' first single.

In response to what Grimes seemed to view as a whimsical dream, he told Cobb that he was hesitant to release the music. 

“Because I came from another world entirely and, and was an actor for a long time and I mean, still am but you know, I, of course there’s this feeling of like, are people going to [say], ‘Is this cheesy, is this goofy?'” He confessed. “Imposter syndrome.”

Grimes made the music he liked and was good at despite his worry of appearing unauthentic or like another actor attempting to become a musician. 


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