Logan Square hip-hop fans celebrate 50 years.

Auristela Nunez and a companion brokedanced at the Illinois Centennial Monument in Logan Square, nicknamed "the Eagle," in 2010.

Nunez, 47, of Hampshire, said, “We were playing it on repeat, and we were breaking and people were like ‘Hi, are you going to be here next week’ and I was like ‘I guess’”.

Lady Champ Nunez said she started dancing at the monument every Sunday, the same place she went to skip classes in high school. 

 She said weekly attendance increased. She selected a DJ and planned a date in August to celebrate hip-hop and challenge the media's negative portrayal of it.

Battle 4 The Eagle featured scores of hip-hop fans breaking and graffiti painting on Sunday. 

 Renegades of Funk, a nonprofit promoting Chicago hip-hop culture, commemorated 50 years of hip-hop with free food, music, and art. 

Kids warmed up before dancing in the square to cheers. The park had colorful graffiti posters.

I’m happy, honored that we can celebrate hip-hop every year without any fights, any problems, any arguments,” Nunez said. “All ages, all races, all genders, everybody is accepted.” 

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