Little League World Series Pitcher Throws “The MLB Equivalent Of 110-113 MPH” During Perfect Inning, Shocking Fans 

Fans were treated to a spectacular Little League World Series.

Three Chinese Taipei pitchers combined to throw a perfect game in a 6-0 Little League World Series triumph against Canada

collecting two Cy Young awards and helping the club to the 2016 World Series.

He was a popular favorite, thus losing him was hard. If we known what was on the other side of that exchange

Right-hander Fan Chen-Jun had a perfect inning for Kuei-Shan Little League.

An immaculate inning is a three-up, three-down inning with three strikeouts on nine pitches. Nothing more

nothing less. Major League Baseball has only done it 114 times.

 but Fan Chen-Jun was the story of the day.Fans were justifiably unhappy when the Cleveland Guardians

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