Lionel Messi Has Not Stopped Scoring Since Arriving In Miami


Lionel Messi has just played three games for Inter Miami, but he has already scored four goals.

Messi had scored in each of his first two League Cup games for his new team before to Wednesday's game against Orlando City, 

 and it didn't take long for him to make it three in a row.

Messi took a pass from Robert Taylor and did what he does best: slotted the ball past the keeper for a deft finish. 

Messi scored in the seventh minute to give Miami the lead in the rivalry game and a chance to advance to the League Cup round of 16.

Inter Miami is looking for their first championship in club history, and if Messi can keep scoring at his current rate, there's no reason to assume they aren't the favorites.

Winning the Leagues Cup would be a huge accomplishment for an Inter Miami squad that is currently in the bottom of the MLS standings.

Messi may be too late to lead Miami to the league playoffs, but he has certainly made his presence felt in this competition.

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