Lily Allen's dad phoned police after her 12-year-old sex.

Lilly Allen has told the story of how she lost her virginity when she was 12 years old while on vacation with her family in Brazil.

The singer for Smile, who is 38 years old, related the tale during a recent episode of Alan Carr's podcast titled "Life's a Beach."

Lily said to the comic, "I lost my virginity to a guy in Brazil named Fernando, and I never spoke to him again."

"I truly disappeared for a while. I went to his hotel room while I was on vacation with my father and my brother, 

and it goes without saying that I did not return to my own room. 

As a result, I sort of slept in the next morning.After the singer of the hit "Not Fair" returned to her hotel, she found that her father had already contacted the authorities.

Lily elaborated, "There were police officers present all over the hotel."

"They were literally searching the beach, and some of them were carrying t-shirts with the question, 'Is this what she was wearing?'

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