Latest Body Art for Ja Morant — Nike Swoosh, Kobe Bryant, etc.


NBA's Ja Morant gets new tattoos honoring his journey and Kobe Bryant from Arizona-based artist Andres Ortega.

Tattoo session lasted 10+ hours, covering back and torso with references to Georgia, South Carolina, and Crestwood Knights.

Tattoo features Morant's Nike logo, Bryant's signature logo, and Grizzlies logo.

2022-23 NBA season was tumultuous for Morant with two firearm-related suspensions totaling 33 games.

Morant's new ink won't be seen on the court until after his 25-game suspension.

Tattoo artist Andres Ortega showcases the artwork on Instagram.

Morant's tattoos commemorate his upbringing and basketball journey.

Ink includes symbols of his childhood states, high school team, and NBA career.

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