KTM may give Honda and Yamaha concessions for another satellite team.


MotoGP has always been about strategy off the track as much as it is about performance on it. 

This dynamic is exemplified by the recent spat between KTM and Dorna over the prospective allocation of concessions to Honda and Yamaha.

The strategic posture of KTM is clear. While European manufacturers have recently dominated, MotoGP history is riddled with examples of Japanese prowess.

As a result, from KTM's standpoint, making concessions to industry titans like Honda and Yamaha may be interpreted as giving them an unfair edge.

There is, however, another layer to this. KTM's quest for two additional satellite seats provides them negotiating leverage. 

 A satellite team is simply a customer team that buys bikes from a factory team (in this case, KTM) and competes independently.

More satellite bikes on the grid means more exposure, more data collecting, and a larger canvas to cultivate talent for KTM.

Dorna's reluctance to grant further satellite places to KTM may be regarded in the perspective of maintaining grid balance, 

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