Kevin Costner's Luxury Resort's Sculptor's Lawsuit Will Finally Go to Trial. 


The South Dakota Supreme Court ruled last week that the protracted legal dispute  ,

between Hollywood actor Kevin Costner and sculptor Peggy Detmers will proceed. 

According to Courthouse News, the artist's prior attempts to force Costner ,

to sell her work that he commissioned and give her the opportunity to reclaim the copyright were rejected.

Early in the 1990s, Costner hired Detmers to make Lakota Bison Jump for The Dunbar,  

a five-star hotel he wanted to establish close to Deadwood, South Dakota. 

Three Lakota warriors are depicted in the larger-than-life outdoor sculpture installation chasing ,

a herd of 14 buffalo off a cliff. Detmers was offered a $300,000 fee and profits ,

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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