Kelly Reilly Questions a Happy Series Ending

Season 5 of Taylor Sheridan's hit neo-western story "Yellowstone" will be the final installment, 

But the Dutton family may not get the happy conclusion they deserve. Since the show's start in 2018, 

John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and the group have had to defend their ranch from a variety of frightening characters. 

Along the way, they've loved, lost, and persevered in their quest of the American Dream.  

However, Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the Paramount Network show, has hinted at a possible nightmare for the Duttons after all is said and done.

Reilly's thoughts are revealed on the DVD for "Yellowstone" Season 5, Part 1. During a special interview, t 

the British actor revealed the realities of the Dutton family's way of life and how it may lead to disaster in the finale.  

The main theme of protecting and sustaining this way of life in this land is at the bottom of everything," she stated.  


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