Kelly Clarkson's snide reaction to a fan's sign goes viral

Kelly Clarkson responded racyly to a fan's sign during one of her Las Vegas residency gigs, taking her show's slogan, " intimate night with Kelly Clarkson," seriously. 

YayasG tweeted a video of Clarkson reading a fan's placard that stated, "My girlfriend gave me a hall pass for you."

The "Because of You" singer replied thoughtfully, "If I was into chicks, I'd take up the offer." 

Fans liked Clarkson's honest response, which went viral on social media.

Love Kelly! "She tells it straight!" said one entertained admirer, while another said, "I wish I didn’t too, girl!" #Samsies."

Clarkson's issue resonated with many, who replied "Same" or "Me too."

"Me too Kelly hahaha popstars, they're just like us!" wrote a fan. "I love that Kelly Clarkson in her 40s is more unfiltered than ever congrats on the successful residency #Chemistry." "An icon," one fan called Clarkson.

After releasing Chemistry, Clarkson is playing a series of gigs at Planet Hollywood's Bakkt Theater. She seems to enjoy interacting with fans and putting on amazing shows.


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