Kalbi Fried Rice and chicken papaya soup

Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking! This voyage promises to be full of tastes and creativity, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie eager to learn the culinary arts.  

Cooking is an art form that allows you to transform simple items into delectable dishes that satisfy all of your senses.  

Cooking is a totally immersive experience, from the sizzling of a hot pan to the perfume that fills your kitchen. So put on your apron, and let’s embark on a delicious adventure together! 

Galbi (beef short rib) fried rice is a quick and easy family dish to prepare. This large amount of rice is also great for meal prep! Begin by marinating your galbi in a sweet tenderizing marinade. 

Chop the carrots and onions while the pork is marinating. The gochujang (red fermented bean paste) sauce at the end is optional, but it adds a delicious spicy flavor to the rice. Wrap the rice in crispy seaweed for a taste sensation! 

Fried Rice: – 1.5 pound short rib, cut in ½ inches cube – 2 tbs neutral oil – 4 cups cooked rice (leftover is best) – 2-3 carrot, peeled chopped in small piece – ½ onion, chopped in small piece – 3 garlic clove


– 2 tbs soy sauce – 2 tbs marinade – 1 teaspoon oyster sauce – green onions, for garnish – 2 fried eggs on top – sesame seeds, for garnish

Galbi Sauce: – ¼ white onion – 4 garlic clove – 1 kiwi (I used golden for extra sweetness), sub with ½ korean pear – ¼ cup soy sauce – ½ tbs ginger – 1 tbs sugar – ½ tbs oyster sauce – ¼ cup water – 1 tbs honey, optional

Chicken Papaya is a healthful and tasty Filipino soup. The meal is basic because no spices are used, yet the soup is incredibly pleasant due to the herbs infused broth and fish sauce. 


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