Judge decides Kevin Costner's ex-wife cannot inherit his $145 million fortune.

A judge ordered Friday that Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner's separated wife, cannot remove belongings from their Carpinteria, California, house when she moves.

At a July 14 hearing, the judge upheld his provisional ruling. "Christine shall be permitted to remove her toiletries, clothing, hand bags and jewelry from Kevin’s Beach Club Road residence," the judge's judgment, acquired by Fox News Digital, said.

"Christine is prohibited from removing any other items from the property, including, but not limited to furniture, furnishings, appliances

and artwork from the Beach Club Road residences and any storage unit maintained by the parties, whether jointly or individually, absent a written agreement executed or by the parties or further court order."

Baumgartner and Costner were absent from court Friday. Baumgartner's lawyer, John Rydell, was in court when Costner's lawyer, Jacqueline Misho, argued.

Misho stressed at the hearing that all Costner's team wanted was assurance that Baumgartner "would not remove items that were not agreed upon."

Judge Thomas Anderle made it clear he wants the property problem settled before the couple goes to trial in November challenging the pre-marital agreement's legitimacy and enforceability. 

"Christine’s [objection] is not unreasonable, but on balance, the court elects to resolve potential issues now rather than at trial time," Anderle concluded.


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