JoJo Siwa Gets Her First Tattoo with Raven-Symoné's and Miranda Maday's Help

JoJo Siwa recently marked a huge milestone by getting her first tattoo, which she did in the company of her close pals Raven-Symoné and her wife, Miranda Maday.

The 20-year-old singer and former Dance Moms star proudly displayed her new tattoo on Instagram.

JoJo was all smiles and excitement as she made her way to a tattoo parlor with her renowned buddies.

Miranda Maday documented the events of the day on her Instagram Story, referring to it as "BB's first tattoo. 

Many fans were drawn to one of the images, which showed JoJo Siwa with an ear-to-ear grin while the tattoo artist worked on the area behind her ear.

JoJo took to Snapchat shortly after the tattoo was finished to disclose the meaning of the tattoo's digits, "1031. 

"The official meaning [of] 1031 is how many days my first concert tour lasted, but '03 is the year I was born," she revealed.

JoJo gained the confidence to go with the tattoo after receiving encouragement from her pals. Miranda captured the scene as Raven-Symoné sat in the tattoo chair.


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