Join the USA's Sweetest Party Celebrating Happy Pets and Sweet Human Friends.

The Sweetest Party in the USA Celebrating Happy Pets and Sweet Human Friends is created and sponsored by Recruiting for Good.

"Love to Party for Good, Ice Cream, and Your Pet Too," says Recruiting for Good Founder Carlos Cymerman, "attend The Sweetest Labor Day Weekend Party."

Simply tell us 'how your pet would make a fantastic Prez!' And win a gift card for the best ice cream in Los Angeles."

Recruiting for Good delivers value-added events for the community that are both enjoyable and beneficial.

"Why does Labor Day Weekend mean so much to me?" Carlos Cymerman says.

 arrived to the United States as an immigrant, and since founding Recruiting for Good.

 I have advocated against job outsourcing and in support of the American workforce.

Talented professionals rely on Recruiting for Good to help them find opportunities that will improve their quality of life.

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