Johnny Depp's friends 'want to stage an intervention' for his substance misuse. 


Although friends are apparently worried about Johnny Depp's wellbeing due to his persistent substance addiction, 

he has long been renowned for leading a rockstar lifestyle, according to a Life & Style. 

Due to excessive drinking, Depp, 60, has postponed many performances with his band, 

the Hollywood Vampires, which also features Joe Perry and Alice Cooper. Although the latest study suggests otherwise, 

the official explanations were an ankle injury and being "unwell."Johnny's friends worry ,

that his excessive partying is catching up to him once more, according to Life & Style. 

Some people want to arrange an intervention because they say his drinking has grown out of control. 

The band's July 18 concert in Budapest was apparently postponed because Depp passed out in the hostel. 

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