Johnny Depp's Friends "Fear His Partying" Is "Catching Up": Inside the "Ugly Details" 


It was unexpected that the Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp's band, 

were performing a concert on the tour when they took the stage for a 19-song set at Boston's Wang ,

Theatre on July 29. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, 60, hurt his ankle in May, 

forcing the group—which also includes famous rock artists Alice Cooper and Joe Perry—to reschedule ,

a number of performances. The Hollywood Vampires' concert in a Budapest sports arena ,

was then postponed on July 18 only moments before it was scheduled to begin. 

The stated explanation was that Johnny was "unwell." A week later, a show in Slovakia was likewise cancelled ,

on the day of the performance (although this time, a "unsafe venue" was given as the reason).

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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