John Wick prequel Exclusive Image: The Continental Is 'A Story Of Revenge And Making Amends'


John Wick has always been in charge of his own fate, but Winston is the reason he got so far and got into so much trouble. The New York Continental Hotel's proprietor, Ian McShane, has always helped (or hindered) Keanu's Baba Yaga. 

The Continental: From The World Of John Wick will reveal Winston's rise to power in three parts.

In 1970s New York, Colin Woodell plays young Winston on his way to controlling the greatest hitman hotspot.

 “It’s a story of revenge and making amends for what I think is taken from [my character], and that’s my love and my family,” he teases Empire of Winston's path in the program.

 Expect a different Winston, decades before the original John Wick, who isn't as much of a showman. Woodell loves Ian's character embellishment and how tasty everything is.

At the end of The Continental, you realize what pushes him, but I didn't get to participate in that sweetness.

He did get to dress like Winston, including wearing his cravat. An ascot? “There was an ongoing debate as to whether it was a cravat or an ascot,” Woodell says. The most important thing is that a sharpshooter is well-dressed.

September brings Prime Video's The Continental: From John Wick.

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