Jennifer Lopez Wore a Fedora Over a Half-Ponytail and Looked Great!

Jennifer Lopez turned 54 on July 24, so she's naturally living her best life and soaking up all the affection from family and friends. 

As a Leo, she exudes vibrancy and quickly becomes the center of attention, and her birthday photos exemplify the spirit of the fire sign in every way. 

With her half-ponytail and black fedora, she certainly has my attention. Lopez captioned a few photos from her birthday celebration,

"Birthday mood...all month!!" When Lola comes to play, it's always a good day... #OnTheJLo: Birthday Edition will be available soon."

In my perspective, the first and possibly greatest image has J.Lo standing on a table with arms spread, likely belting out a tune. Lopez was dressed in a glittery backless gown,

as shown on slide two, and her hair was slicked back into a half-ponytail – an on-brand look for the star, who is known for her sleek hairstyles. 

The dazzling gown has been replaced in her last two images with a black bikini, printed mesh coverup, massive gold jewelry, and a black fedora.

Her half-ponytail remained in place, with her straight, highlighted hair flowing towards her breast. The hat fit wonderfully on her head, and you can see the faint gold accent on the fedora in the last photo. 


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