James Gunn denies packing Superman Legacy with DC characters to entice potential consumers.

The whispers about Superman: Legacy are circulating faster than a speeding bullet. James Gunn, who recently took over DC Studios alongside Peter Safran,

has confirmed the inclusion of Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Hawkgirl, and Mister Terrific in his upcoming Superman picture. But,

before you start assuming that DC Studios is pushing for these fresh faces to attract more possible purchasers, Gunn has put an end to those rumors.

When asked on Threads if there was any truth to recent claims that Warner Bros. Discovery's senior management had told him to stack the Superman:

Legacy cast to entice purchasers, Gunn was categorical that it was not true. Some fans speculated that the introduction of these characters was requested by David Zaslav,

CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery. Fans thought it was a little excessive to include so many diverse characters from the DC Universe, 

and concluded the move was made to make the picture more appealing to potential purchasers. 

Though this hypothesis had the ability to seem believable, Gunn has verified that such rumors are simply that.


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