Jalen Hurts joins Brand Jordan.

Eagles Quarterback. Jalen Hurts is coming off of one of the best seasons in the history of both the organization and the league.

which is fitting considering that only two months later, Jalen Hurts secured a contract with Brand Jordan.

which is fitting considering that only two months later

 In case that wasn't amazing enough, he then went on to graduate with his master's degree

He broke a number of records and had a performance in the Super Bowl that was worthy of MVP consideration.

Jalen Hurts joined Brand Jordan two months after the QB appeared in Teyana Taylor's Jordan 1 release.

NFL's largest contract, graduated with his Masters, and got equity in one of his sponsorships.

deHe broke a number of records and had a performance in the Super Bowl that was worthy of MVP consideration.As if that wasn't enough, he signed the NFL's largest contract

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