“Ja Morant’s Suffering From a Lot of Childhood Trauma”: $2,000,000 Rapper Analyzes Grizzlies' Star's Gun Problems, Blames $39,619,840 Salary

Memphis Grizzlies' Ja Morant will lose a lot of money next season. 

Morant received a hefty five-year, $192 million deal extension with the Grizzlies lately. However, the All-Star player has been suspended for 25 games by the team for his renowned social media activity.

Ja displayed a pistol in his Instagram live video for the second time in two months. Chingy, a $2 million rapper, discussed Morant's situation with VladTV. 

Chingy said Morant can't leave his ghetto life despite his NBA salary of $39,619,840. Chingy stated it's alright to give up the hood if it helps your kids and family. 

Ja was heavily criticized by the NBA and outsiders. Despite an eight-game suspension for his first video, he violated the league's firearm rules twice. 

 His 25-game penalty will cost him and his team a lot of money.

Chingy told VladTV that Morant can't bring his ghetto lifestyle to his new lifestyle. The rapper further claims that the Grizzlies player doesn't realize that with that much money, he must give up his hood lifestyle to have a happy family. 

Chingy also said Morant can't get past childhood trauma. Jackpot noted that Morant may need aid. Instead of condemning the young player, help him. 


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