Ja Morant, video out now, throws a lot of money at a club party.

Over the past few months, Ja Morant has been involved in several disputes. He was suspended for 25 games to start the 2023-24 NBA season after his second Instagram Live gun-flashing incident.

After his suspension, Morant swore to change. The Memphis Grizzlies star was recently observed flinging a lot of money at a club party in Punta Cana.

Morant's lengthy offseason is fun. Luckily, the video didn't show a gun. The 23-year-old is just having fun at the club.

The Memphis Grizzlies will try to win the 2024 NBA Championship. For that to happen, Ja Morant is crucial.

The Grizzlies need assurances that Ja would not repeat his provocative acts after his 25-game suspension. Derrick Rose is the ideal mentor for Ja Morant, according to NBA expert Dan Devine.

Vibes are involved. I talked to Memphis media guys who said, "If there's somebody Ja's gonna maybe like listen to..." Somebody who can tell Ja, "I've been at the absolute pinnacle, and I've had difficult things on and off the court that I've had to go through and move forward in my career and my life."

Devine remarked of Rose, "Maybe there's some synergy."

In the NBA, Derrick Rose has had his ups and downs. Considering that, the 34-year-old is excellent to guide Ja. At free agency, Rose signed a two-year contract with the team.


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