It's about time,' says Sasha Calle of being the first Latina Supergirl, a first in DC's vast universe.

Sasha Calle addresses her role as the first Latina Supergirl, emphasizing the importance of diversity in the DC universe.

Sasha Calle is the first Latina Supergirl, and she's making a tremendous impression in the DC universe. 

Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of "The Flash" in 2023 to witness this new dimension of the DC universe.

The film not only provides Flash his big break, but it also includes shocks such as Michael Keaton's return as Batman.

The casting of Daytime Emmy winner Sasha Calle, on the other hand, is stealing the show. 

Calle remarked on his role as a pioneer in superhero depiction in an interview with V Magazine.

"'Representation in the entertainment industry is extremely important, and I'm truly honored."

 When we were filming, Andy [director Andrés Muschietti] said, 'Hey, come over here and see this sequence on the playback monitor.'

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