Investors Sue Emmitt Smith's Las Vegas Restaurant for $67 Million Loss

It's challenging to launch a firm. In the transient, 

heavily touristed city of Las Vegas, life is difficult.

Emmitt Smith, a running back for the Dallas Cowboys who is now an NFL legend, is learning this lesson the hard way.

Investors who lost $67 million when Smith's restaurant project in Sin City failed to materialize are suing him.

In the city's Fashion Show Mall, he was planning to open Emmitt's in 2022. Nearly two years later,

 the restaurant is still closed, and the investors lost a large sum of money.

In his complaint, celebrity chef Rainer Schwarz alleged that a number of his former partners had failed to make the promised investments. 

 The chef alleges that the former partners planned to keep the information to themselves and exclude him from the agreement.

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