In answer to people wanting to visit Maui, Jason Momoa is direct. 


Jason Momoa has issued a strong warning to anyone still debating coming on vacation,

to the Hawaiian island of Maui after wildfires decimated it in the previous week." 

DO NOT TRAVEL TO MAUI," the Hawaiian-born Dune and Aquaman actor said on Instagram. 

In light of the fact that the island "is not the place to have a vacation right now" as by the ,

end of the week, 67 people had died in the big fire, he issued a warning. 

Do not persuade yourself that you are required to be on an island that is going through such severe hardship, 

Momoa urged in his letter. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and shown kindness,

to the neighborhood at this difficult time.It happens after the island was virtually destroyed by flames, 

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