Imola Paddock Cat, Known Throughout Formula One, Has Passed Away


The Formula One circus is an odd one, with some great characters, including a few animals, coming and going over the years. 

While some may refer to a few F1 drivers as "animals,

" there have been several real animals in the F1 paddock over the years, including Arturo, the Imola cat. 

 Arturo (or Formulino, as he was generally known) died this past weekend at the age of 16.

Even on race weekends, Formulino could be seen walking from pit garage to pit garage at Autodromo Imola in Italy. 

He was even thought to bring good fortune to the garages he visited, though Sebastian Vettel may disagree.

The heartbreaking news was shared on social media via Arturo and Imola's official sites.It's difficult to find the correct words in these circumstances. 

The day we prayed would never come has arrived after more than sixteen years,

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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