"I Love You": Sasha Calle Celebrates DCU Debut as Supergirl With Flash Trailer Goes Viral

 Sasha Calle, known for her role in The Young and the Restless, is set to make her feature film debut in DC's The Flash.

 Calle's casting as Supergirl in The Flash has generated significant buzz and attention.

The recently released trailer for The Flash showcases Calle's Supergirl in action, impressing audiences. 

The trailer also reveals that Supergirl was held captive in what appears to be a prison.

Calle's portrayal of Supergirl has received praise and further increased anticipation for the movie.

Despite the film primarily focusing on Ezra Miller's character, Calle's performance has garnered attention. 

Calle's acting skills have been showcased in her previous work, making her a promising addition to the industry.

The Flash is highly anticipated, and Calle's involvement has helped generate even more excitement for the film.


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