Hunt Club review: Mena Suvari elevates human-hunt horror


– Film reminiscent of Carol J Clover's analysis of horror, exploiting themes of women's empowerment amid violence.

– "Hunt Club" features misogynistic men hunting trafficked women on an island.

– Film embraces low-budget aesthetics, using fake blood and cult cinema stars.

– Casper Van Dien portrays Carter, promoting toxic masculinity to his son.

– Cassandra (Mena Suvari) joins hunt for promised money, defying stereotypes.

– Lexi (Jessica Belkin) and others also trapped, drawn by promises.

– Suvari's strong performance reflects despair, determination, and rage.

– Film's hope for Suvari's future opportunities beyond exploitative roles.

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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