How an iPhone saved a woman and her son's Taylor Swift concert plans


Thanks to a new feature on the Apple iPhone 14, Los Angeles County Search and Rescue members found located a mother and her son who went lost while hiking in the Angeles National Forest on Sunday.

Irina Fedorovskaya and her son Egor Shesterikov are on their way to Los Angeles from the United Kingdom to see Taylor Swift perform on Thursday. "It's the only reason we came," Shesterikov explained.

They went hiking on Sunday afternoon to visit a waterfall but got confused up and got lost as the sun sank.With no water or food, Shesterikov decided to phone 911, but the call was unsuccessful due to the lack of mobile reception in the forest. 

However, because he had an iPhone 14, he was able to send an Emergency SOS, which sends a text message to first responders via satellite.

"Not many people know about it," Mike Leum of the Los Angeles County Search and Rescue team stated. "I didn't know anything about it until we started getting these rescues."

According to Leum, the technology allowed rescuers to see exactly where the mother and son were, enabling for a two-hour rescue.A rescue would have taken much longer without the satellite 911 data.

"It would have been a day or two before we got to cover the area where they were actually found," Leum explained to Eyewitness News.

The mother and boy are well, and they plan to attend Swift's concert on Thursday.

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