Herbert's record-breaking $262.5 million contract represents an NFL record.

The Los Angeles Chargers have made a major announcement, re-signing their game coordinator, Justin Herbert, to a new contract. 

The pact ensures the organizer will take care of the team for the next five years in exchange for a hefty $262.5 million.

Now one of the highest-paid players in the NFL and all of professional sports in the United States, Chargers quarterback Herbert is in elite company.

When compared to Lamar Jackson's recent contract with the Baltimore Ravens, which guaranteed him $260 million over five seasons, 

his deal is far more lucrative. This demonstrates Herbert's extraordinary ability and enormous promise in the field.

Herbert, at only 25 years old, has already cemented his place in NFL annals. He's the only quarterback in league history to throw for over 4,000 yards and

25 touchdowns in each of his first three seasons. He has risen to the status of an NFL superstar thanks to his outstanding play on the field.

Since Herbert has been in the league, he has racked up some outstanding statistics. He is third in receiving yards and second in completions, both at 1,316.


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