Guidelines for staying at home and still watching Taylor Swift's concert

Superfan Tess Bohne attends every show of Taylor Swift's Eras tour dressed as her favorite Swift ensembles.

 She had previously looked into the anticipated set schedule honoring a favorite song, a red carpet outfit, or an album's anniversary.

 As well as the precise time at which Swift will play her show-specific surprise songs.

Bohne, 32, isn't cheering from the stands as the countdown clock to Swift's entry nears zero onstage. 

Instead, she pulls up the concert's livestream on her husband's laptop back in Salt Lake City, Utah.

 And starts showing her 160,000 (and growing) TikTok followers Swift's three-plus-hour concert.

Every night, thousands of Swifties gather to watch the star perform on their five-inch phone displays as they sing along to her catalog of hits.

Those who have purchased tickets to upcoming events should use this time to familiarize themselves with the performance lineup


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