Fishermen catch record rockfish from 1,000 feet deep.

Keith DeGraff hooked into a fish that he thought was a halibut as he was fishing in the deep waters of Prince William Sound in Alaska.

However, the fish he was actually going for was black cod. It turned out that neither of those were true.

According to the publication Saltwater Sportsman, DeGraff reeled in a shortraker rockfish that weighed in at 40.1 pounds

which was greater than the previous record of 39.1 pounds set by Henry Liebman of Seattle in 2013.

When DeGraff got back to the secluded cabin where his fiancee Betsey Wilson and three of their friends were staying

 he initially weighed the fish there. According to unofficial reports

Therefore, DeGraff cut the fish's fins.

 However, there would be a delay of three days before it could be properly weighed on a certified scale.

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