Fastest accountant Eugene Amo-Dadzie flies in World Championship 100m

After qualifying for the 100-meter semi-finals at the World Athletics Championships, the world's fastest accountant,

Eugene Amo-Dadzie, vowed to disprove the stereotype that accountants are dull.

Amo-Dadzie, a latecomer to the sport who had to take vacation time from work, finished second in his heat,

while Zharnel Hughes won his and Reece Prescod, the third British competitor, also advanced to the semifinals.

Amo-Dadzie, 31, has been inundated with compliments from his fellow accountants, but he hasn't received any job offers just yet. He discovered his speed by rushing for the bus.

Various "accountant bodies" have shown him a lot of support, he claimed. "They're all like, 'yeah, you're making accountants cool.

We're not just a bunch of stiff suits sitting in an office punching keys all day. We have a certain something that sets us apart.

 Maybe some accountants are also professional wrestlers or Formula One drivers. 

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