Fans Think Lady Gaga's Career Announcement Is Awkward


On Monday, Lady Gaga made a monumental, thrilling revelation about her professional future, but some of her fans found the timing to be "awkward."

In a touching homage to her late friend and singing partner Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga announced the return of her Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano concert to Las Vegas for 12 performances the day following his death.

. Several fans voiced their disapproval of Gaga's residency announcement timing in the comments of her Instagram post:

"Not promo straight after the Tony post girl" and "Didn't even wait at least a month after Tony passed."

Lady Gaga's Heartfelt Tribute to Tony Bennett, a Friend and Mentor Once Icon Passed Away

After the death of Tony Bennett, a friend, mentor, and fellow New Yorker, on July 21 from complications related to Alzheimer's disease, 

 the singer previously known as Stefani Germanotta sent a touching homage to her late idol on social media.

In the essay, Gaga discussed her connection with Bennett and how it developed over the course of their collaboration and, ultimately,

Salad with Greek Chicken and Bread 

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