Fan of "Tears of the Kingdom," "The Legend of Zelda," Makes a Stunting Physical Discovery


One player discovered that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's gravity is roughly three times Earth's. They shared their shocking Tears of the Kingdom discovery online, causing fanbase astonishment and wild discussion.

Nintendo's most advanced physics engine debuted in Tears of the Kingdom, despite Switch's age. Since the blockbuster Switch exclusive's release, many gamers have been doing intricate experiments with the Tears of the Kingdom engine due to its tremendous construction features.

Reddit user JukedHimOuttaSocks estimated Hyrule's gravitational acceleration at 28.2 meters (92.52 feet) per second squared, approximately three times Earth's 9.8m/s2.

 The fan calculated this result by capturing footage of Link falling from 60 meters, going over each frame, and manually mapping out the change in the minimap's Z coordinate, similar to how another player calculated that their Tears of the Kingdom Link launcher broke the sound barrier.

The author of this surprise experiment admitted that the minimap coordinates might not be in meters, but argued against it. The fan explained that Link is 1.75 units tall, or 5"9 in meters, when standing next to a four-unit beam.

 The fan reasoned that since that's an acceptable height for a humanoid character, the minimap locations must be in meters.Some players speculated that Nintendo chose this newly recorded gravity acceleration to make Tears of the Kingdom's gameplay more exciting, even though it's doubtful. 

Thus, Hyrule's planet may be highly dense or considerably larger than Earth. One fan determined that the hypothetical planet's diameter is 2.9 times Earth's, assuming similar density.

Tears of the Kingdom disregards physics for gameplay, even though parts of its systems follow the rules of physics. Tears of the Kingdom players can avoid fall damage from excessive heights by plunging into water, which would certainly kill them owing to the body's rapid deceleration upon impact.

Netflix's decision to cancel a fan favorite series has many people downhearted.

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