Family lawyer makes shocking allegation about Michael Oher, Tuohys' 'The Blind Side' earnings

Since Michael Oher made public his disagreements with the terms of his conservatorship

 there have been a number of new discoveries revealed.

It was revealed that he had never actually been adopted and that the family of Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne Tuohy 

With his comeback date undetermined, other players will have to step up throughout the postseason run.

According to Patrick Mooney, senior writer for The Athletic, two of their best prospects might be called up and join the big league squad.

a fresh piece of information has come to light that has the potential to change the way the law and public opinion see the situation.

Michael Oher was reportedly compensated for his role in the film The Blind Side

 the individual earnings of each member of the Tuohy family from the film's revenues totaled one hundred thousand dollars.

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